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Take a look at some of the lovely things we get up to at Badminton Place! 


Ladies Day for Dora and Delores

You guessed it... Carrot Cake!
What a day... we spent quality time for most of the day with the lovely ladies Dora and Dolores. They had their hair and nails done late morning, ate lunch upstairs with some chardonnay and then we baked, talked, laughed and had the best day together. It felt like a ladies day out at Badminton Place

The Lovely Bernard 

Well... what a smile!
This is the lovely Bernard, he tickled the ivory last week and what a beautiful sound and sight it was!


Walk A Mile a Month, for Comic Relief

We would like to share some videos of our fabulous residents taking part in 'walk a mile a month' for Comic relief. Every staff member is planning to take a resident out for a walk around the grounds here at our luxury care home. We are aiming to raise as much money as possible for comic relief!
Well done to Dora, Margaret, Beryl, and Shirley for braving the cold yesterday, we made sure we all wrapped up warm!


Badminton Place present: Comic Relief 'Walk a Mile'

Over the last week, our wonderful staff have been taking our residents out for a walk around the grounds.
We have already smashed our 1 mile mark and will continue to do so until Red Nose Day on 19th March 2021.
Thank you to everyone so far who have sponsored us and supported our residents on their walks.
How many more miles do you think we can walk? Badminton Place


Our Amazing Badminton Place Bar and Bistro Team

Check out the Mexican wave by our team in the amazing Bar Bistro.


Happy International Women's Day

All the ladies at Badminton Place were presented with flowers and wine from two members of staff today completely out of the blue, look at the joy this brought us, a kind gesture goes a long way at Badminton Place.

Chantal & Holly Supporting Comic Relief

Thank you ladies for your support! We are smashing our target! Thank you to staff and residents families who have bought merchandise and supported our residents in walking a mile of our grounds for 2021 Comic Relief!

Cutlery-Free Dining Experience at Badminton Place

We have started a cutlery-free dining experience to make mealtimes more inclusive for all our residents, we will adopt this approach as some people living with certain illnesses have either required help while eating or have eaten finger-foods instead.
Our chefs work tirelessly to ensure each of our residents are treated with dignity and respect in every aspect of their lives. In our home, some of our residents have difficulty manipulating cutlery meaning the dining experience can be a problematic event, particularly if the right level of support is not in place.
At Badminton Place, we ensure that residents are treated with dignity and respect.
This meal is roast leg of lamb with potatoes, creamed minted potatoes, creamed swede, carrots with curly kale and a dipping pot of redcurrant gravy.


Care Quality Commission Rating of Badminton Place Care Home

*Last report published 29/04/2022

Read Inspection Report

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