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Activities & All-Inclusive Care at our Bristol Care & Dementia Home

Badminton Place Information

Once you have taken a tour with Holly, our manager, there really is no place you would rather be. This is a superbly designed home where everything has been thought about in the greatest detail.

Badminton House Carer with a Resident

A Bristol care home where everything is included

All-inclusive care

Badminton Place offers a five-star experience for all residents and also their friends and family. From stimulating and inspired events to inclusive and varied activities to first-class 24/7 health care – One agreed fee covers everything you and your loved one may need while staying with us.

Five-star day-to-day
En-suite bedroom

Beautifully decorated by our dedicated creative team, with bedroom furniture, a Smart TV and dedicated phone line, you’ll be at home right away and only ever a call away from family and friends.

Dining – restaurant style

The dining experience at Badminton Place is already second-to-none, but for that extra special day we encourage all of our residents and their families to indulge in our fine-dining experience.

On-site Bar Bistro

The Westbury Bar Bistro, with its creative, sumptuous menu, superior drinks menu and very own cocktail mixologist, everything’s covered – from your favourite tipple to something a bit out of the ordinary!

Chauffeur-driven Mercedes

When you need to take a private journey - to the shops, or to meet friends – you will be driven there in your very own Chauffeur-driven car.

Pampering experiences in the home

Enjoying luxury ‘every-day’ is an indulgence our residents have earned. From the salon to the high-tech gym and the range of treatments in our spa – there’s enough happening to keep even the most inquisitive people busy every day.

Full laundry service, on-site

As you’d expect in your own home – the laundry is taken care of without a fuss, delivered fresh and fragrant back to your room as and when you want it.

Daily newspapers

Moving to Badminton Place is no reason to not keep abreast of the goings-on in the wider world. From the Mail to the Guardian – just let us know what you’d like.

Daily housekeeping

Clean and tidy is the way we like it – as we would in our home. You can always be assured we will keep your environment exactly as you would expect it to be in your own home.

Entertainment & Activities

Cakes, drinks, balloons – you name it - if you can think of it, we will try and make it happen. Badminton Place is a celebration of all our residents’ lives and we’re behind you all the way

Inspired, fun day-trips

Local landmarks, the pub, places of worship or maybe a zoo? Variety is the spice of life and it's embodied by our creative and energetic events and activities team.

On-site cinema

Relax, recline and reach for the popcorn. The state-of-the art cinema is really something special. The same quality as you would find at your local flicks, but cosier and with someone on hand to bring you a drink!

Events calendar

Our dedicated events team has a daily and a weekly events and activities schedule bursting with variety, choice and fun, so there really is never a dull moment at Badminton Place. A mixture of fun and physical activities for everyone to enjoy.

Health care
24-hour care

Our team of carers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nursing, residential and dementia care.

On-site healthcare professionals

There will always be a Registered General Nurse on-site on our nursing floor, coupled with a professional and highly trained care team.

Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

Mobility and independence are key priorities at Badminton Place, with our on-site Physio and Training team, residents can stay active, keeping body and mind tip top.

Personal Dietitian

Everyone at Badminton Place has access to a dietician, and nutritionalist who will offer detailed meal plans that are healthy and nutritious as well as being tasty.

GP Practice

A local GP visits the home frequently to discuss health with our residents. If our residents prefer their own doctor, travel is arranged in our chauffeur-driven car.

Optician, Chiropody & Dentist visits

Our close-knit team of wider health professionals work with us to ensure that your needs are tended to with the utmost care and compassion, wherever and whenever you need it.

Everyday inspiration and enrichment through activities

Pastimes & Activities

Hobbies and interests help to keep the mind and body active and engaged, leading to better wellbeing and sense of achievement. Whether you have longstanding interests or you’re looking to try new things, we have the team, the skills and the desire to help you discover a whole world of fascinating pastimes and share in them with those around you.

Art classes at Badminton Place

From piano to painting

Arts & Crafts

We never fail to be amazed and delighted at the skills that our residents develop, or re-kindle, and we foster a positive attitude within the home which encourages and champions everyone, whatever their skill level or aims.

Badminton Place residents enjoy games

Keeping the mind active

Fun & Games

Board games, cards and dominoes bring together the ages, from chess to backgammon and even snakes & ladders. Playing together leads to conversation and discovery. At Badminton Place, we are always keen to experience the modern, too. Connecting to the wider community and our sister homes via Zoom for a quiz, or even taking a virtual balloon ride are all on the cards at this Bristol care home.

Residents at Badminton Place enjoy outdoor activity

Badminton Place Outdoor Fun & Games

Outdoor Activities

We designed such a lovely outdoor space for it to be used by everyone. Not only that, but it even extends to the first floor! Some residents enjoy a spot of boules, or even short tennis, but whether it’s lounging in the summer sun, or watching the carol singers on the front lawn, our outside space is as much a part of life as the inside and it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

Hydration & Nutrition at Badminton Place

Fresh, delicious food and drink for everyone

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with eating and drinking well. Naturally, our chefs are some of the best in Bristol and they are here not only to showcase their culinary skills, but to create everyone’s favourite. Whatever yours is, our brigade will whip up a storm for your taste-buds.

Dietary requirements are all catered for as you would expect, our brigade of talented chefs are always ready and willing to create something a little bit special. Whatever you enjoy you can look forward to locally-sourced, fresh meals, cooked to perfection.

Our in-house bar is loaded with all the regular drinks you would expect, and some you wouldn’t! From coffee to cocktails and everything in between, all our drinks are part of the all-inclusive package.

Badminton Place has achieved a Food Hygiene Rating of 5

A finely prepared nutritious meal by our Chef here at Cumnor Hill House Care home in Oxford

Bespoke healthcare for each resident

Healthcare On-site

Our residents’ health and wellbeing is our number one priority, always. Our health care team is trained to support Badminton Place residents with care, tailored to each residents care plan. Each care plan is managed electronically and details exactly what each individual requires and their preferences on receiving it.

Registered Nurse

The Badminton Place Registered Nursing team is on hand to assist and continually assess the appropriate care of each resident. They are there to answer questions that relatives or loved ones have about residents’ care and to help people make the right choices for them.


Mobility, posture and seating are all part of our drive to promote independence for those that desire it. Alongside this, our expert convalescent assistance, aiding the recovery of our residents when they need it.


Our chiropodist partners will provide regular podiatry checks and advice. Your feet are literally the foundation of the rest of your wellbeing and keeping them in good health can help to prevent falls but is also a must for general wellbeing and relaxation.

A Dedicated Fitness Instructor & Specialist Gym

Health and Fitness

Many of our residents will have enjoyed an active life and it is no secret that it becomes less easy to continue the pursuits of youth as we age. That is why we have invested time and energy into finding the best people and the best kit to help keep you healthy and happy.

Our research tells us that heightened fitness and higher energy as a person ages both help in reducing falls and can have an effect in staving off dementia.

The Badminton Place gymnasium features low-impact equipment and has two upward weight machines, a walking machine and a rowing machine. Private exercise and coaching is always on hand to those who would like it.

Our residents enjoying time in the Gym here at Badminton Place with Personal Trainer guidance
Care Quality Commission Rating of Badminton Place Care Home

*Last report published 29/04/2022

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